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Van Gogh is concerned with the environment where its activities are developed. For this reason, provides events of social development of the Community where it has your industry, and respects the environment.

The big "villains" of conventional processes are the equipments responsible for the release of thermal energy.

At Van Gogh we grind the glass of our glass tile dry, avoiding the use of water, the oven is electric, avoiding the use of gas and it reduce in 17 times the emission of CO2 on the nature, when you compare with porcelain tile.

Our concern goes beyond!

We develop a line of 100% recycled glass tilesa>. Our raw materials came from several types of glass of nature and from a variety of uses. The glass is rewarded and with the addition of special dye that takes the colors and a unique form in Brazilian market.

We have an exclusive production of glass tiles 100% recycleda> in Brazil. This line received the well suited name of Ecologic.

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